Megumi Matsubara

Photo by Martin Holtkamp

Megumi Matsubara works individually as an artist and collectively as an architect through Assistant, an international & interdisciplinary design practice that she co-founded with Hiroi Ariyama in 2002. With a background in architecture, Megumi Matsubara takes an architectural approach as a departure point while creating narratives about spaces woven from disparate elements such as photography, sound, text, installation, and the phenomenon of light. These works are inserted into existing environments so as to reconfigure them, achieving an exquisite balance between presence and absence.
Her recent explorations of these themes are manifested in various ways, from artist books to performances consisting of words and images. Each pursuit elicits a distinctive spatial awareness, making it seem as if dreams and mental images are superimposed in a visual realm. As a member of the architectural studio Assistant, Matsubara has presented architectural projects such as House of 33 Years.