Imagine if the last time you looked in the mirror was two years ago. That’s what it’s like for Bristol, or any city in fact. Apart from their biannual internet photoshoots with Google, they really struggle to see themselves, after all, it’s a bit of a challenge to find a mirror big enough or to get it just at the right angle. But the city does want to know what it looks like. Help Bristol see itself – be part of CitySelfie in 2014.

CitySelfie asks citizens to take a snapshot of Bristol using different technologies to slice through different layers of the city, from conventional mobile device cameras, to throwing a camera-packed ball into the air, to directing friendly drones, launching balloon cameras, crowd-sourcing aerial photos from jet-setting arrivals, and live satellite imagery.

The CitySelfie handcart will tour Bristol’s neighbourhoods and districts, asking residents and visitors alike to become the city’s eyes, and to show its true and whole self, warts an’ all. We’ll be asking for the city’s help too, in how to best stitch the images together to reveal the whole CitySelfie, creating a patterned topographic image of the city, to be showcased online and in screens around the city.

Design Informatics – Edinburgh, UK