Lighting Conductor

Lighting Conductor is an interactive installation that 
allows Bristolians to conduct their very own light orchestra through the movement of their bodies.

Little else produces such public amazement and enjoyment as apparent telekinesis. With a simple swish of an arm a user will be able to send a pulse of light shooting along any path they aim at in their local park.

The pulse of light will then continue up into the tree at the end of the path, illuminating the entire tree with an array of mesmerising colours. The more forceful the movement: the brighter and faster the pulse.

Activation with Lighting Conductor encourages people to engage with the way in which we light our cities and challenge existing conceptions of the purposes and effect of light in city planning.

Lighting Conductor is a response to the passivity of public life; an interactive, motion sensitive experience that highlights and challenges the function and effect of light in cities.