Why sit when you can play

“Why sit when you can play” reimagines public benches to create a platform for people to come together through music, light, and fun. Marimba like benches placed in community areas invite passers-by to play and learn music through colour and creativity.

Why sit when you can play creates an active playful free-choice environment by transforming public park benches into musical instruments that teach music through colour.

Using simple but effective LED and sensor technology, the bench will not only be active during the day, but at night each note will trigger leds in the street lights and on surrounding buildings that will begin to light up the city and allow others all around to engage in the activity.

The Urban Conga believe that the bench will trigger a communal experience not just for the people playing; it invites spectators to begin to start a conversation around the activity, instigating conversation and creating unexpected connections.