Population estimate: 16 million  | City area: 1,171.28 square kilometers
(as of 6 December 2016)

About the City

Lagos is the largest city in Africa, it has wall-to-wall people, bumper-to-bumper cars, noise and pollution beyond belief, an intimidating crime rate, and maxed out public utilities. Elevated motorways ringing the island city are jammed with speed freaks and absurd traffic jams (‘go-slows’) on top, and tin-and-cardboard shacks underneath.  Read more:

About Playable City Lagos

Playable City Lagos asks if play could improve the experience of moving around the city

Lagos is a wonderful, sprawling, chaotic city, that can be challenging to travel around. Commuting takes so long, that small businesses have popped up around traffic jams – selling every item available. Food, drink, household items and even international currency is exchanged through vehicle windows. Playable City Lagos explores how playful experiences could positively interrupt people’s movement within the city.

“Had the most amazing opportunity over the last week co-creating with some of the most amazing minds as part of the ‘Playable City’ Lagos project… Sometimes we feel like a Hippie convention from MIT. Everyone is themselves. Diverse creative processes coming together to make one harmony… Most of all the immense possibilities in collaboration.” Logo Oluwamuyiwa

Playable City Lagos began with a Creative Lab in 2016. Watershed has recently announced Future Lagos as a partner in Creative Producers International.