Playable City Award 2016 – coming soon

People have been asking why the Playable City Award 2016 hasn’t launched yet. And the answer is, we have been a little bit busy! In partnership with the British Council, we are developing a new platform for our international activities, to enable cities all cross the world to join our network and become a Playable City. This should launch in a few months.

We have also been busy kickstarting Playable City Tokyo, producing Shadowing in Tokyo and are in Nigeria at this moment, working with 11 amazing creatives from Lagos and the UK on Playable City Lagos.

For the last three years the award has been the linchpin of everything we have done – allowing us to reach out across the world, extend the network and discover and make brilliant new ideas. To ensure we can devote all of our attention to keeping it brilliant, we are currently fundraising and will launch the call in the summer. Watch this space/twitter/the mailing list for news.