Plays well with others

To make this award possible, Watershed took the decision to draw together a network of creative and technology companies from Bristol who could champion the city as an international hub for cutting-edge creativity. The co-funders of this network, who also make up the Steering Group for the Playable City Award are Aardman, BDH, HP Labs, IBM, IMDB, The Bristol SETsquared Centre, Sift, Team Rubber, Thirty Three, TLT LLP, Toshiba, University of Bristol, University of the West of England and Bristol City Council

This group represents an incredible depth of expertise and experience and the shape and scale of this award already owes a great debt to their skill and generosity of contribution. The group has been involved since day one, when we didn’t even have a name for the award.

It is a joy to work with brilliant and passionate people who we can call on at any stage in the process for advice and guidance, and who cannot wait to celebrate, support and champion the work that is commissioned.

So often partnerships are consigned to a painstakingly tessellated block of logos at the bottom of a page – have no doubt – the sudokumaster task of arranging these logos was no picnic! On this occasion however, I think that support from some of the biggest names in the business could amplify the impact for the winner to such an extent, that it may blow the headline £30k award out of the water.