What are people saying?

We’ve now had around 12,000 player messages come through on Hello Lamp Post. The website randomly cycles approved questions and answers, but we thought it might be interesting for you to see what our favourite responses are – the ones that have made us smile the most while moderating content.


The three main themes behind our experiment are around shared observations, memories and opinions – we’re trying to give people a context and platform to be more mindful of the environment around them, to trigger their most salient memories of the places they live in, and to communicate these things, along with their perspective and learnings, to each other.

With that in mind, have a look at these…


If you listen carefully, what’s the quietest thing you can hear?

Via parking meter #2995: “Fingers clenched to moving parasols”

Via lamp post #21: “The wine sloshing in my back pack”

Via lamp post #3: “I’m blasting drum and bass through my headphones, nothing is quiet…”

Can you smell something?

Via lamp post #103: “Fresh broad beans – I’m podding some now and can’t resist popping one or two from each pod in my mouth raw. Yum.”

Via bench #6bs: “Ice cream and dry kebab fat”

Via lamp post #1: “The fresh scent of the rain and the earth – the scent of the outdoors!”

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