The Creative Producer International 3 week intensive was the most open and generous situation I have ever been in. I had time and space to really think about what it is I want and what are the values I bring to my work. I left feeling like I know myself a bit better than before. It also made me realise that I think like an artist. I think this is a very particular way then of being a producer/curator. That was something I was happy to go away with as it made me understand some of the choices that I have made over the years. I was given the opportunity to see myself objectively and I have really valued that. I saw my own strengths and weaknesses. I had time to really pay attention to how I was responding to people and when I was reacting rather than taking action. I also was able to really identify what I was good at in working with the group. This has also given me confidence in going forward working in group situations.

I am quite an agreeable person in general and I really learned a lot from those in the group that really challenged what we were doing and how the course was structured. I was also in awe at how easily you all adapted to feedback on sessions and people’s diverse needs. It was really the first time I had been on something where there was a sense of being listened to and a visible action taken to change things. It was inspiring. I also took home a greater awareness of differing needs in a group and has made me more aware when in other situations as to how to accommodate people with different physical, mental and emotional needs. It makes me a better lecturer and collaborator.

I really enjoyed the sessions that dealt with strategic planning and thinking long term about projects and a practice. This is something I don’t often get time to do so it was really great to understand how other people approach strategic planning and thinking about the bigger picture of what you are trying to achieve. I left John Davys session with a list of value that I recognised and can cross reference in the coming work to make sure I am on track. That was a really useful session for me.

Thanks also for introducing me to so many wonderful people. I am so happy to know this group of people and to get to work with them over the next 2 years.