Introducing the 2014 Shortlist – tell us what you think

We are excited to announce the eight shortlisted ideas for this year’s Playable City Award.

In February this year we invited artists, designers, architects, technologists and creative practitioners from all over the world to propose new ideas that will challenge the screen-based clichés of a smart city, and respond instead to cities as playable, open, and configurable spaces. We received 78 entries from 29 countries around the world.

Clare Reddington, Executive Producer of the Playable City Award, Watershed says:

“We are delighted to have received so many exciting and inspiring proposals from around the world. The shortlisted ideas reflect the diversity of responses to our notion of cities as unresolved, configurable, idiosyncratic places where citizens give one another the permission to be playful in public. We are really looking forward to seeing how the public respond to each of these ideas in the coming weeks and are very excited to work with whomever wins the Playable City Award 2014 to bring their idea to life in Bristol and beyond.”

Now is your chance to get involved. Take a look at the summaries of the shortlisted ideas and leave your thoughts, support and questions in the comment boxes.

Which of the projects would you like to see brought to life?
Which would work best in Bristol and around the world?
What haven’t they thought of yet?

This is your chance to share your ideas with us and ask questions of the creative teams behind each idea. Comments will close at the end of May and we will pass on your comments to the judging panel who will announce the winner on Monday 9 June 2014.

Over to you