Recife: The Playable City, Part Two, GO GO GO

The second part of Recife: The Playable City has begun and our UK and Brazilian participants are safely set up in our temporary home – Portomídia in Recife, the creative industries lab and incubator of our partners Porto Digital (the project is also in partnership with British Council).


We’re now four days in and so much has happened:

We’ve spent a day getting to know Recife and Olinda…



Taken a boat to visit Praias do Capibaribe (one in a series of playable events that reclaim the city’s river banks)…



Experienced some great music…


Had an enlightening tour of technology company C.E.S.A.R (who are supporting the programme and have also been inspired to make their building more playable)…

(follow the footsteps and X triggers the sound of roaring dragons)

And worked hard developing the ideas which began in Bristol in January…


The ideas the participants are working on will be showcased at a festival/conference/street party beginning on Friday 11th April. The teams are feeling some pressure, but also a lot of excitement. Recife is a lively, colourful, wonderful, inspirational place and, (particularly for the UK folk), there is so much to absorb. Going into the city (in the scorching heat), hearing it’s stories, understanding its challenges, and considering how to collaborate with the city and each other, has become part of the everyday. How these explorations inform ideas, will emerge over the next few days. It’s a pretty special process to be part of.

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